In an unprecedented move in its storied history, Life Dance ups the ante with 3 stages: Utopia (main stage), Eden (underground music stage), and Solaris (indie bands stage) –headlined by internationally sought-after artists with a strong cast of supporting acts to create an overwhelming music experience.

With each stage having a strong solid roster of artists that were painstakingly selected to produce the strongest lineup with the biggest diversity to date in the Philippine music festival scene.


UTOPIA takes you to a world of wonder. To a world that exists and does not exist. When you have to depart from consciousness and let the beats and harmony take over. When the elements of peace, love, unity, and respect all gather to combine an experience like no other.

The main stage of LifeDance has always been populated by the country’s top acts and performers and featuring carefully selected international acts to create those moments that become your treasured memories.


In the beginning, there was HOUSE MUSIC. And house music had its own groove. And from this groove came the groove of all grooves. When one day some DJs declared, “Let this house be progressive.” And progressive house was born.

EDEN takes you back to the primordial phase of electronic dance music. From house, techno, to trance. This is the stage for the music purists.


LifeDance is all about the appreciation of art and music. And thus, the appreciation goes beyond the conventional borders of the establishment and into the heart placed by artist to their craft. SOLARIS brings you soulful live performances from finely selected indie band acts from the different parts of the country to create a highly atmospheric tone of music.


So there you have it. Are you ready for the experience the biggest festival in country? See at City di Mare SRP, Cebu City on January 13 for LifeDance 2017.