Your safety is our primary concern. At the biggest festival at the grandest celebration, we are taking extra measures to make sure that you can enjoy your time away from threats and worry.


  • Increased Police Visibility. The Philippine National Police will be there to make sure suspected bad elements won’t have room to attempt anything. Note that the PNP will be on heightened alert during these functions. Barangay Public Safety Officers will also augment the public safety.


  • Armed Security Component. Three different private armed security units and perimeter guards protect the event.

  • Private K9 Unit. Bomb sniffing dogs, will be deployed in the area in coordination with local police units during the sweep and when confirming suspicious packages.

  • Disaster Prevention. The Bureau of Fire Prevention, City Risk Reduction, and Disaster Mitigation are all involved in the planning of public safety, emergencies, and evacuation. Multiple Emergency Medical Teams will be there and ready to treat any one in need.

  • Traffic Management. The Cebu City Traffic Operations will help maintain a smooth traffic flow within and outside the area. Barangay Public Safety Officers will also augment the traffic control and help spot any possible bad elements.

These are just the gist of the security efforts we’ve taken to insure your safety within our perimeters and the vicinity around it. We will take care of you. Enjoy the festivities, worry-free at LifeDance 2017.


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