Undoubtedly one the Philippine’s best DJs today. Generally acknowledged as one of the premier standard bearers of bass music in the country, MECHA is widely regarded as the chief advocate of dubstep in the electronic dance music scene with intense live performances and uncompromising music selections.

Mecha is Mikhail Arce-Ignacio, a DJ/Producer from Metro Manila.

Mikhail began his venture into music at a very young age, learning various instruments such as the drums, the electric guitar, the electric bass, and even classical instruments such as the violin and piano throughout his grade school and high school years.

He went through many different bands while growing up, playing everything from punk to metal, filling in every sort of role from vocalist to drummer and guitarist. The most recent and notable band he was a part of, which still exists today withnew members is the metal band Kuwago.

In 2008, Mikhail began to explore the world of electronic music, creating beats with the then popular Korg Electribes, a Korg MS2000 he got from Electronica Manila’s Silverfilter and various digital audio workstations. He began learning to DJ as well under Funk Avy, one of the country’s top club DJs and Producers then and today.

Eventually, he grew more and more interested in electronica, and his departure from the band scene soon followed. He decided to team up with club promoter Aleks Pierson to form their own production group, The Wildlife, which pioneered the electro house scene in clubs all around Metro Manila.

Today Mikhail produces primarily under the name Mecha and is considered to be one of the premier electronic acts in the local music scene. He has releases available internationally under labels such as Deep Sphere, Shax Trax and Silverfilter’s Trike Records. He has done official remixes for producers all over the world including GFT, Sashaslay and Oris. He has also won remix competitions for Dada Life and Wasa3i.

Locally, he has remixed heavy metal giants Valley Of Chrome, as well as pioneer and premier electronic music producer Silverfilter. He has also produced commercial tracks for various local and international brands, most notably Selecta Cornetto, in which he collaborated with one of the country’s leading dance crews, The Philippine All-Stars.

Aside from making and playing music he teaches DJ/Production courses at Bounce Electronic Music School. He is currently a main speaker at the annual Manila EMEX Conference, for talks on Bass Music and Ableton Live.

He has recently won the 2014 Pioneer Digital DJ Battle for the Philippines and is the current national champion.

Prepare to get your hearts thumping and your heads bobbing. The age of the machines in coming. MECHA will be up on the decks at the Utopia Main Stage in LifeDance 2017.