You might be wondering what the excitement is all about heading into Sinulog in Cebu. Well for starters, it is the grandest and most colorful celebration in the Philippines with millions coming over to enjoy the spectacle. For party enthusiasts, it’s also the occasion where LifeDance is happening and parties don’t come bigger than LifeDance. If you want to know what it’s all about, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss it:

1. Music

If you are a music fan there is no best way to experience it than seeing it on the big stage, live! We painstakingly pick acts that are truly talented DJs/artists in their own respective genres. We have talents who put their heart and soul into their work and have become accomplished figures in what they do; for the evolution of today’s electronic dance music, to the purity of underground music, and to the dynamic nature of indie music –we are featuring artists who have stayed true to their craft and have gained international and national acclaim because of it. This is the best that it can be for the quality and diversity of music.

2. Explore

LifeDance is a great way to discover new artists/genres that you might like: a lot of emergent artists and bands play for their first big break on different stages at this festival. In five years time you will say “I was there!” showing pictures of that special moment. We will continue to bring a certain level of musical education, experience, exploration, and evolution to the people. This is what we strive for and continue to express our creativity on.

3. Multiple Stages

If one friend is into trap and bass but the others are into house and techno, there’s no problem! If you dig live band performances, we’ve got that too. There’s plenty of different music to be heard and lots of time to run from one stage to another. Our festival designers have come up with amazing stage ideas that will blow your mind. If you go hungry, we have plenty of food stalls to suit the flavors you fancy.

4. Value

Generally, music festivals give you good value for money – a single concert of a really good DJ or some famous band would cost you thousands –for this amount in a day you can see so many performances in a row at different stages. So imagine: a multitude of talent showcases in one outing. There is no bargain more worthwhile than the value you’ll be spending your money on.

5. Memorable Moments

Normally, you would go to a music festival with a group of friends and you can be sure you will have an amazing time. It is not just about sharing the experience of your favorite DJ’s or artists’ live performance; it is enjoying life! If you will ever have to list the best moments shared with someone, for sure one of these will be the festival you went together to and there’s no better place to gather for an adventure together than this one.

6. Meet New Friends

As we have mentioned, you will be sharing amazing moments with your best buddies, but this doesn’t mean you cannot make new ones! Everybody is there to enjoy their time and have fun, everybody is happy and positive: it is so easy to start talking to people and make new friends. Find love. Give love. That’s the festival atmosphere!

7. Express Yourself

A festival is a moment of escape and liberation, a place where you can be completely who you want to be and you are free to express yourself without prejudice. If you are at a festival, you are there to have fun, meet people and be yourself. Bring your flags. Even face paint is part of the festival vibe. People won’t look at you like you are a weirdo at all. You are there to have fun!

8. It’s Fun!

There are no other words to describe it: the music, your friends, drinking, dressing up, being outside, meeting people, flirting, being on holidays, laughing, enjoying life! There is a sense of belonging and love for everyone you just spent the last few hours with. Everyone inside has a connection with each other that comes through the music and atmosphere. It can change your life for the better. LifeDance has always been about the experience.

There’s a plethora more of reasons why you should go but we’ve kept the list as short and as concise as we can. There are simply not enough words to mince and no better ways to describe the experience other than to invite you to be there yourself; to set foot on the harrowed festival grounds, to see the display of lights, to absorb the music, and feel the love under the electric sky.


Throughout its history, LifeDance has built the foundations of its heritage through its advocacy of being at the forefront of pushing the experience of the dance music festivals in the country, giving exposure to young deserving talents, and representing the Philippines in the landscape of the global dance music scene. One beat, one nation, one dance. This is #LifeDance2017.

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