Sinulog’s most talked-about event is set.

Built on the foundations of its heritage through the advocacy of being at the forefront of the dance music festival experience in the country, headlined by the most sought-after international and local names, giving exposure to young deserving talents, and representing the Philippines in the landscape of the global dance music scene.

One beat, one nation, one dance.

This is LifeDance 2018.

What's new for this year?

LifeDance has always brought the finest international and local talents to create an atmosphere of hype and harmony for every raver that will be setting foot on the festival grounds and deliver a show that breaks the borders of status quo when it comes to delivering an electronic dance music experience.

Get all the information you need about your tickets for LifeDance 2018. We have a complete directory of our official promoters here and as well as a FAQ about ticket inclusions and online ticket buying processes.

The biggest outdoor dance extravaganza will not be possible without the support of various entities and brands. This section acknowledges the sponsors that are part of the LifeDance experience. Various promotions connected to the event are in store so be sure to catch them! Pit Senyor, everyone!


Life Dance 2017 Aftermovie

LifeDance 2017 Official Aftermovie

One Beat. One Nation. One Dance. #LifeDance2017 #SmartLifeDance #LifeDanceCityDiMare

Posted by LifeDance on Saturday, April 1, 2017

Life Dance 2016 Aftermovie

LifeDance Sinulog 2016 Official Aftermovie

The official LifeDance Sinulog 2016 AftermovieVideo: Stolen ShotsMusic Arrangement: Jan Areno#LifeDanceCebu #LifeDance2016 #LifeDance2017 #LifeDanceAftermovie

Posted by LifeDance on Tuesday, November 22, 2016